Rules for visiting the Geese-Swans complex

The Geese-Swans bathing resort is a public recreation area. Guests must comply with generally accepted rules of behavior, treat staff, those responsible for maintaining order, and each other with respect, and not interfere with the rest of other visitors. Mutual respect is the key to comfort for every Guest.

General provisions:

This document establishes general rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) throughout the entire territory of the Geese-Swan Bath Resort (hereinafter referred to as the Complex);
These rules apply to all guests and visitors of the Complex (hereinafter referred to as the Guest);
The guest of the Complex is obliged to bring the information contained in these Rules to the attention of everyone with him. In this case, each Guest is personally responsible for compliance with these Rules;
Payment for services and visiting the Complex is confirmation that the Guest is familiar with these Rules and fully agrees with them, bears full responsibility for their violation in accordance with these Rules and the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
The Complex is open 24 hours a day. Opening hours of the Zhar restaurant are from 11:00 to 23:00
All services of the Complex are provided after making 100% prepayment;
The rules are supplemented by the corresponding Conditions when visiting individual recreation areas: a hotel, a bathhouse complex, gazebos and verandas, a tent camp, etc. These Terms are binding and an integral part of the Rules;
These Rules are publicly available at the Administrator’s desk and on the website.
Service is provided in Russian.

The following is prohibited on the territory of the Complex:

Presence of minor children under 18 years of age unaccompanied by adults;
Make fires and use open fire outside the designated areas;
Damage to buildings, structures, equipment, furniture, green spaces of the Complex;
Walk dogs, cats and other pets;
Remove property belonging to the Complex from premises and buildings;
Bring or bring food and drinks into the territory of the Complex;
Removing dishes from the restaurant;
Store and use pyrotechnic products;
Open windows and doors in service and technical rooms, as well as electrical equipment panels;
Use obscene language and commit hooligan acts;
Smoking outside designated areas;
Carrying and storing weapons, explosive and flammable, caustic, poisonous and narcotic substances. Guests who, by the nature of their activities, have the right to carry and store weapons are required to provide documents certifying this right at the request of the Administration of the Complex. (Weapons should be understood as the means specified in the law of the Russian Federation “On Weapons”);
Ignore the requirements of the Complex Administration to comply with these Rules;
Soaring with your brooms.

Responsibilities of guests of the Complex:

During your stay at the Complex, observe moral and ethical standards, refrain from excessive consumption of alcohol and obscene language in places of public recreation for Guests. Respect the right of other Guests to relax, do not offend by actions and words the Guests of the Complex and the service staff;
During the period from 23.00 to 08.00, observe “silence time” and not disturb the rest of other Guests of the Complex;
Take care of the property of the Complex provided to the Guest for temporary use. In case of damage to property, including damage caused by the use of property for other purposes than its intended purpose, compensate for losses in accordance with the market value of lost or deteriorated property, regardless of the likelihood of bringing the property back to its original form;
Comply with fire safety rules at all infrastructure facilities of the Complex;
Take care of your personal belongings and property yourself;
Bear responsibility for the life and health of their minor children vacationing on the territory of the Complex;
In the event of an emergency (fire, accident, threat of a terrorist attack), you need to leave the Complex without panic, put on outerwear as quickly as possible (if the situation allows) and leave the territory and buildings, using the main and emergency (evacuation) exits or stairs and following the instructions of the employees Complex.

Rights of guests of the complex:

Use all services and infrastructure of the Complex;
Receive information about opening hours, costs, list of services provided by the Complex, make preliminary reservations of services;
Contact the Complex Administrators regarding the quality of services provided;
Coordinate with the Complex employees a convenient time for the provision of additional services.

Responsibilities of the Complex Administration

Provide the Guest with the services offered and paid for in a timely manner and in full;
Ensure full compliance with SES standards and other regulations, the quality of services offered at all facilities of the Complex;
Maintain the confidentiality of information about Guests of the Complex, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
Do not hold noisy events on the territory of the Complex after